Chasing Nothingness

We sleep, with the tasks of tomorrow in our minds, so much so that we dream about them. We go on vacations with knowledge of a return to the routine. We yearn for those summer days from school where we thought of ways to occupy our days. Escaping daily trials and tribulations wasn’t an item on our to-do lists. When we do get a few moments of quiet when our devices run out of charge — we remember our laundry list of chores to keep us busy.

Photo by Evan Buchholz on Unsplash

Amidst all the humdrums, what we chase is possibly the latitude to do nothing. To the extent of being bored. To not have to constantly think of the next hunt or gather, and to not worry about how meals manifest. To simply exist. To simply be free of the fear of what would happen if we refused to, or simply couldn’t show up one day. To wonder what it would be like to pursue what we want, instead of what we have to. To possess the privilege to genuinely chase free will, instead of resigning to fate.

To simply exist. To chase nothingness.



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Adithya L Narayanan

Works towards mastering Data Sciences and Ops Research in the free time he gets between watching “Billions” and reading the news. His alter ego likes writing.