What wanders

Adithya L Narayanan
1 min readJan 6, 2023


The mind wanders. Sometimes on the bus.

It wonders if our phone is suddenly going to play our ridiculous music at full volume instead of headphones.

It wonders if we are wearing the right shoes for the outfit.

It wonders if the world will judge us when we snap a picture of a clock tower or a sunset.

It wonders if the stranger we find attractive has noticed our unkempt hair.

It wonders if we are saving the world by taking the bus and not driving.

It wonders if our we would get a seat of our choice, or if we would get one at all. And if we do, what about entertainment? How could it possibly maintain calm without constantly curated dopamine from podcasts and music flooding it?

It wonders if we should get a coffee after we step off. And if a bagel would go well with it. Are we having too much coffee outside? Too much sugar? Why not make this at home? Maybe we should hit the gym.

It wonders about the bus back home and the long day ahead.



Adithya L Narayanan

Works towards mastering Data Sciences and Ops Research in the free time he gets between watching “Billions” and reading the news. His alter ego likes writing.